Bogeymen – a generic term, like the things that go bump, but moms have a special bonus against them.

-Cubi – Incubi and Succubi, from myth. Develop from unresolved lusts passions, both sin and virtue. They have Controllers, or Overseers who are immune to the aura of passion, and Powers of their own.

Demons – any of a group of cross-dimensional nuisances.

Dragons – we’re still finding out what this means.

Ducks – they quack.

Elementals – anything made specifically of the element that births it.

Fey – dimensional walkers with glamour and magic – very dangerous, all madder than a hatter.

Ghosts – mostly echoes of events that happen to people that are indelibly inked on the psyche of the area.  Mostly harmless.

Gillikins – the fey kingdom that produced Doloise and had the Shadow King parked on their lawn.

Glints – small, multilegged things that are attracted to (and thus warn folk about) approaching quincunxes.  Also known as flitters, twinklings, umbrats, shadow puppets, and canaries.

Goblins – nesting noxious nightmarish things that reproduce quickly and eat anything smaller than them, or bigger if they outnumber it significantly. Cultivated accidentally by chaos, especially in flower gardens.

Heterae Helix – from Hedera helix cv. Green Feather, also see cultivars of Shamrock or Fleur-de-lis.  This is a type of nymph whose hair looks like a long fan of green feathers.

Naiads – elementals made of water and attitude.  Every river has at least one.

Ogres – they haz got layers.

Phlegmnauts – snot demons are a myth. Maybe exorcised with guaifenesin or other holy decongestants.

Powers – they just are.

Questor – apparently human, maybe an oracle or Google analogue of mystical places.  There’s probably something very Jung about him, and not just his sweet face.

Realm – a magic designed to give a “face” to a group of people, or a place, or even a thing.  Yeah, it’s a collective of noun.  Only has the traits of what it’s made of, but can use them with no human limits.

Rusalka – a daughter of the water, they like dancing and drowning-and-devouring others, maybe not in that order.  A particularly murderous kind of naiad, one might say.

Simulacrum – a magical clone of someone, capable of doing administrative monkey-work.

Shadow Kings – well, we’ve only really seen the one, but E talks as if there are others. He’s a Power one part Tolkien barrow-wight, another part aggressive dictator. He can cast shadows – and take the shadows of others.

Sylph – a fey spirit of the air element, sometimes accused of flightiness and mischief.

Vampires – symbionts from Outside that connect with their hosts to fulfill their perverted cravings.

Water Princes – pretty self-explanatory, if you ask me. Can take the size of any source of water, which makes sweating scary, doesn’t it?

Wisps – small beings made of the elements of light and mischief, although mostly the former.

Wolfhounds – quiet, sensitive hounds that are not reactive to intruders but like to chase things that run from them.   Built for speed, they grab their prey by the neck and hold it immobile.