contains Spoilers  — lots of them



Adelinda – constantly harassed by “Ophite Cultists,” a paramour of Thomas.

Afanasii Fet – (also Afanasy, or Afanasij) Russian poet.  You can read about him on Wikipedia or actual literary sites.

Angharad – the lover of Peredur in the Welsh myth cycle “The Mabinogion,” but it’s used as some kind of sly reference to Doloise a few times.

Artur – half-Lesiye dragon-hunter, member of The Red Poets Society. Presumed dead in the attempt against Naul.


  • Claire – a co-worker of Kievan’s.
  • The Dwarf – a party crasher.
  • Kievan – current husband to Vasilisa the Wise.
  • Nora – a rhymester, of mythological interest but unknown variety.
  • Roo – a rusalka with an unnatural interest in TV shows.
  • Sadko – a sylph who plays an instrument.  Yeah, that makes it an Air Guitar!


Binah – a date in E‘s past. Apparently a witch. Who’da-thunk?



Sir Darius – a troll knight in the Small Court.  His casual form is a little blue man.  You wouldn’t notice he was blue, exactly.

Dezi – one of Binah‘s friends. Might be a witch. Who knows? With E‘s luck, probably. [sigh]

Doloise  Mallory – a fey who contracts E for a job. Presumed dead, eaten by a Dragon.

Description: Has “distracting” legs (wears shiny heels), a tight dress of charcoal grey, saffron curls, and expensive amber sunglasses.  (“There’s tawny and there’s golden saffron,
There’s flaxen and there’s blonde…”)

Should be moved to “Creatures” as she’s actually a Realm.


E – The protagonist of the story, portal doctor extraordinaire.  Not short for “Erysichthon,” “Eegaiarasan,” or “Eiel.”

Description: Mouse-brown hair, cut short, green eyes.  Average height, a little thick. Constantly described as “cute” rather than handsome. Not really wimpy, but definitely not an athlete. His song was, “Door-closer, dragons-bane, wizard-friend, found but lost he be, secret-caller, ghost-walker, he answers thus to  ‘E.’”

E’s Sister, Eve – the antagonist of any situation.  OK, that’s E‘s view, anyway.

E’s Mom – oh, lordy, don’t ask.

Ed – A good friend of Dr.  Es – has an extermination business.  Baits as well as poisons, if you have to ask. Not afraid of much, he’s on the edge of being “in the Know,” but definitely isn’t a practitioner.

Ed’s Mom – Suspected spy, very good cook, might be a writer.  Definitely a witch.




Hawk – a vampire hunter.  Very disappointed that he was unable to complete the job with Matana.



Jonath – one of E‘s college roommates. His mom lived in a house with strange incidents, and he was never heard of again after moving in with her. Hmmm.




Maggie – also Magda, Magster (the Nagster), short for Magdalene.  E‘s second most recent ex-girlfriend, and fairly powerful witch.

Description: Magda has short black hair, curling slightly at the ends.  Her skin shows off a recent non-caucasian ancestor, but otherwise, she self-identifies as white.  Her eyes are brown, more honey than chocolate.  She has three piercings in her left ear, two in her right.  Full lips.  Her legs are incredible, if you ask E.

Matana – a vampire exchange student in Maggie’s coven.  Studies exercise science with a focus on shapeshifter health, or something like that.  Speaks very elegantly, but still as if English was a studied language.

The Messenger – some kind of -cubi, full of the powers of lust and passions, the Metatron of the sexy people, if you must.  Has been named Asherlat.


Nellie – one of The Red Poets Society, also Ivan’s lover, and, well, once and forever the Dragon Naul

Nen – see Rent-a-Wreck

Nikolai – a wolfhound made from a spell.



Peredur – the current name of a Dragon of wicked demeanor and amused appetite.  Provided the Breath of Life to Doloise. King, maybe, of the Gillikins, as E named them.


The Questor – a servant of some creature that can provide the location of the answer of your question, should you dare to find it.

The Questor’s Wife – a wizard kindly affiliated with E.  Use name is “Misko.”


Rayya – “I come from under the hill, and over the waters, when the waves turned to chill as they danced with winter’s daughters.  I’m a snowflake, an icicle, an eave dropped in a game, I’m the silver ring’s caller, and Rayya’s my name.”  Also known as “The Water that Shapes the Stones.” Claims to be a Spriggan. Sister to Nen.

The Red Poets Society – includes Andrei the lover, Artur the young warrior, Nellie the martyr, and Viktor the hunter.  Also, Ivan, who sold his heart to be able to talk to the dead.

Rent-a-Wreck, the given name to an elflike creature whose sole purpose is to give E heart-attacks from sudden teleports.  OK, not really.  He’s involved somehow with the Small Court.  “Cold Waves that Crash on Rocks,” is his moniker.  His given name is Nen.  Brother to Rayya. He claims he’s a Spriggan.

RobertoE‘s sister’s paramour du jour.  Has a nice car, and a secret life as a Numancian demon-hunter.

Rohana – an EMT who fell into E‘s life twice, and figured it was fate. More a healer than a witch, exactly, not a member of Maggie’s coven, but knows the Magster. Now the most recent ex-girlfriend, alas.


The Seven King of Small Things – we’re not sure, yet.  Has a court near the Sacred Acorn.  The Seven King seemed to be a bunch of forms of women, tempting E and drawing him into the future to hide some purpose.

The Shadow King – Squatter on the edge of Faerie, who happens to be a minor Power, often confused with or in conjunction with being a deity.   Has an influence on battle, inciteful, you might say.  Made a deal with a major –cubi Controller by offering them a chance at some witches.  Has been named Muak-Lal.

Sylvia – unfortunate victim of an incubus that Maggie found from a craigslist ad.  Recently planning on joining Maggie‘s coven.  Was in pre-law, is now officially “undeclared.” Oh, and, um, potential girlfriend for E.  Well, not anymore, given that she just died in a spectacular weirdness incident.

Description: She was dressed in an oversized man’s shirt, half-buttoned, and a pair of wrinkled jeans. Glasses, mussed hair, with streaks of brassy gold in otherwise tawny brown hair, and large blue eyes.  She smelled good.


Thomas – referenced as a “fellow” when speaking of “practitioners,” so probably some sort of mage.  Mentioned in the past tense.  Studied the fey, as much as one can.  Found out to be alive, but imprisoned by the Seven King, who wanted a child of a mortal. Instead, he took the road of the Toms, a place beyond madness and truth, and full of poetry.



Vasilisa the Wise – a character of Russian folklore





Zach – Ed‘s boyfriend.