The name comes from a sign out of the Citadel Mall in Colorado Springs, Colorado. My roommate was tired and instead of reading it as a turn onto “Portal Drive East,” read it as “Portal Doctor E.”

It might go somewhere. It might not. Not quite set on the name or the gender. You know how it goes.


This is musing.   This is writing in a raw and unedited way. 

My process is pretty simple – after I did the first 50,000 words (at 700 per entry) and then moving to approx. 1,000 words, I then went up to 2,000, and now I’m back at 1,000.  I can’t shoot at any kind of schedule. Something about the years from 2016-2020 took a mental toll on me. I don’t have an exact plan for each post each time.  I just start writing. Now that I’ve got 100,000 words under my belt (such as it is) I’m at least mentally going through chapter-by-chapter and revising. Taking thousands of words out, putting a couple dozen back in, and tightening up the story. This is an exercise not intended for publication – but please consider each of these entries as simply a draft, an “in-process” I don’t clean up here. Some of the ideas go places, some of them will be cut entirely, some of them might contradict things, but in cleaning it up it will be a much different story. (This one gets maybe PG-13 if you’re generous with the higher rating.)

Comments are appreciated. I love my three readers. I tweet updates mostly when I’m out, having problems, or administrivia about the site – like when I’ve completed an entry. Questions about the world or characters are also encouraged — I have a Discord!